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Pride Circus Cabaret

Show in partnership with Montreal Pride Festival

Are you ready to celebrate diversity at Le Jardin du Monastère? 

Welcome to this very special edition in partnership with Fierté Montréal! 

Le Monastère is wearing the colors of the rainbow and is offering you sexiness, humor and spice with the acts that these proud artists from the Montreal and Quebec 2SLGBTQI+ community have in store for you.

Visit the bar during intermission to order your favorite Quebec drink!




Anthony Venisse is a graduate of the National Circus School of Montreal and has a particular passion for creation and staging. As a clown artist and director, he has created projects for cabarets in Europe as well as for the Montreal Complètement Cirque festival. He conceived and developed during ten years the Minutes Complètement Cirque concept and the show at Place Émilie Gamelin.

Passionate about magic, he developed, with his sister Amélie, a burlesque act based on the quick-change technique. He is also a master of ceremonies for various circus events and is an artistic trainer and choreographer for Cirque du Soleil.

He will be playing the character of “Jacky Michel”, the cousin of our beloved DJ Michel Michel.




Simon began as a gymnast at the age of 7. He first started with men’s artistic gymnastics and then moved on to duet acrobatic gymnastics at the age of 16. Over the years, he has participated in several high level international competitions in both of these disciplines.

At the age of 19, he was accepted at the National Circus School where he stayed for 4 years. It is there that he was able to develop his creativity, his level of physical performance and his circus knowledge. Now that he has graduated, he can discover himself even more as a creative person.

His first act, “Hibou”, is a Chinese pole act that transports us into an imaginary universe where sounds create life. In this atypical world, we discover a creature that is a mix between an owl, a gargoyle and a human who ventures into this new space.

In his second act, ” Lettre à Fernando “, Simon uses movement, acrobatics and dance to try to find the courage to declare his passion for Fernando.

Chinese pole / Acro-Dance


Marjorie is an extraordinary artist at the top of her game. She joined Cirque du Soleil, participated in many shows in Europe and around the world and was part of the Berlin production LOFT by the company Les 7 doigts de la main at CHAMÄLEON Theatre.

Marjorie was a star of the hit acrobatic variety show SOAP in its first sold-out year at the CHAMÄLEON Theatre in Berlin. Her amazing bathtub contortion act in SOAP was created with renowned German director Markus Pabst.
She also appeared in the hit show DUMMY, performing for several seasons of this incredible BASE Berlin show.

She will present an extraordinary act of contortion box and aerial silk on the stage of Le Monastère!

Contortion box and aerial silk


Fragments d'identité

Born and raised in Mexico City, Andrea became immersed in the circus world in 2013 with aerials, acrobatics and dance classes. In 2014, she discovered Cyr wheel and decided to explore and pursue a career on this discipline. She was accepted to the National Circus School, Montreal in 2018 and she completed the program in 2021.

Andrea creates her work, “Fragments d’identité”, as if crafting a love letter, focusing on pleasure, intuition, and intention through sensorial language, in search of a sensitive beauty, idealistic and mystical.
Her process is rooted in the current reality of the female experience.
She explores and creates images inspired by women, for women and intends to explore her acrobatic vocabulary by incorporating intuitive movement, poetry and visual arts.
Her work delves into the journey of recognizing what her body represents and bringing together the resulting symbols through ritual.

Cyr Wheel



Kyran is a St. Louis Missouri native and has been a part of the circus since 2009. He started at Circus Harmony and a few years later became a member of their Elite troop, The St. Louis Arches. He has performed in various disciplines including, Banquine, Hand to Hand, Contortion, Hand-Balancing, Juggling, Unicycle, Flying trapeze, etc.

Kyran also is a graduated from the National Circus School in Canada majoring in Hand to Hand/hand and balancing. In the past 13+ years, he has performed in all over the world, including Israel, Puerto Rico, Monte Carlo, Washington D.C and more.

The creation of his act was very stressful because he added handstands to his schedule late in the year. He wanted to combine the joy and the peace he gets from handstands, and slowly through the act spread it out to the audience.



Another Limb

Kaisha and Leann have just graduated from l’ecole Nationale de cirque this year with hand to hand, with a combination of sports acro technique and acro dance. Leann is a hand-to-hand flyer and acrobat from Quebec and Kaisha is a porter and trapeze artist from England.

They will present their act “Another Limb” that they describe with these words:

“We move the same, act the same, express the same… but we are not the same. Two beings in space, pulling, holding, supporting, and balancing. Like two trees in a field. What happens if one becomes dependable? What happens once they separate? Do they become unstable?
This act will explore exactly that. It will show the stability of two becoming one, the responsibility, the dependency, and the support that bring us closer and closer until we notice no one else around us. It’s just us, only us. Enjoy.”

Hand to hand


Yasmine started dancing at a very young age and quickly fell in love with this discipline. She therefore decided to start a professional dance training.

About ten years ago, she discovered a new passion: pole dance. She then trained to become a teacher in order to share and transmit this passion to others.

She will present a moving rotating pole act expressing the difficulty of finding one’s way and finding oneself.

Rotating Pole


Eduardo was born and raised in the south of Brazil. Since he was very young, he was immersed in a world full of music and instruments and therefore always felt very connected to music and sounds.

He started to dance and circus at the age of 15 and 16, and quickly fell in love with the idea of pushing his body to physical and artistic extremes.

According to him, the only reason for life is to create relationships, with people, things, and experiences. It is when he is performing that he feels the most vulnerable and the most open to connecting with other people, what feels powerful and terrifying at the same time.

His act is an attempt. An attempt to connect with people. An attempt to be vulnerable. An attempt to fulfill his own desire to not stay in a comfort zone.



Born in Los Angeles in 1998, Zebulon was immediately immersed in history and art by his parents, his father being a film director and his mother a painter. He first started dancing in a musical and then decided to audition for the Montreal School of Contemporary Dance. 

During his second year, Zebulon met students from the National Circus School of Montreal, and then everything fell into place as he finally discovered what he was looking for. With no knowledge of the circus world, Zebulon auditioned for the ENC and to his surprise was accepted. He then spent four years learning everything he could, living each day in the service of his new passion.

The trapeze-dance act he will perform is a challenge he has set for himself to perform an act he would never have imagined on his own, to get out of his own way and experience a different kind of stage.


Le Monastère Team


Regie and Technical Director

Jon Cleveland

Conceptor and Light Operator

Godwin Sam Joseph

Sound Technician

pierre rivière

Stage Technician

Guillaume blais


Rosalie Beauchamp


Manon fath

Marketing Director

Carolyn auclair

Public Funding

Annie-kim déry

Artistic Co-Director & Casting Director

alizé honen-delmar

Sponsorship Manager

Camille Faron

Marketing Coordinator

kathy maguire

Project Coordinator

Anaëlle gérard

Sales and Event Coordinator

Hélène Nguyen

Le Jardin’s Event Coordinator


Administration Assistant

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