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Closing Circus Cabaret of Le Jardin

Are you ready to attend the last circus cabaret in the Jardin du Monastère?

Welcome to this new and very special edition to beautifully close the summer season!

Balancing, in the air, in duet or solo, the artists of this cabaret have new acts in store for you that you won’t forget!

Visit the bar during intermission to order your favorite Quebec drink!




Joe De Paul is internationally renowned as a director, writer, actor, clown, and teacher. His unique physical comedy has brought him critical acclaim from the press, producers, theatres, circuses, and cabarets in Europe, the United States, and Canada. He is a veteran of numerous Cirque du Soleil productions.

Joe’s career has scaled numerous heights, in 2013 he received the META for best actor for his performance as Yves in the play Head à Tête presented by Geordie Productions at Centaur Theatre. He appeared in over 20 film and television events, and has authored and performed two full-length clown productions, Placebo, and Mr.P.P. & Joe that toured cities in Canada, France, and Spain. Amongst others, he has written, and directed comedy for Cirque du Soleil’s Kà, and Amaluna, and for six Teatro Zinzanni productions.

In addition to his stage activities, he teaches Clown for Actors at Concordia University (Montréal), and has taught at the Geneva Circus School, FRACO clown school (France); he also leads workshops for professional artists.




Basile is originally from Quebec. He started juggling at a very young age and quickly turned it into a passion. He decided to join the École nationale de cirque to pursue his dreams and make a living from his passion; and has just graduated in 2022.

According to him, L’École nationale de cirque was a learning experience for him and his passage was marked by the people he met as well as the open-mindedness and diversity of everyone.

He was recently part of the show “Après la nuit” at the MONTREAL COMPLETEMENT CIRQUE festival as well as the show “Un cabaret sans lendemain” for the Fondation 33, which works to create professional circus shows in order to develop the circus arts in remote areas, while raising funds to help victims of spinal cord injuries.




Circus artist, contortionist and professional equilibrist, Alex is a creative and passionate artist.
In order to make a living from her passion, she acquired a solid training at L’École de Cirque de Québec from which she graduated in 2016. Since then, she has had the opportunity to refine her techniques thanks to a coaching with Sergei Volodin ( balancing/contortion coach). She has also had the chance to meet and exchange with wonderful contortionists such as Oyuna Senge and Aruna Bataa who have brought her a lot of knowledge.

For the regulars of Le Monastère, you may have already seen her on stage with her contortion act accompanied by a violin. This time, it is in a completely different discipline that you will have the opportunity to (re)discover her with her aerial act of loop silk.




After a childhood of practicing artistic gymnastics and obtaining a college diploma in dance, Catherine completed her training at l’École nationale de cirque in 2001.

During her career, she collaborated with several companies including Compagnia Finzi Pasca, Cirque Éloize, Les 7 doigts de la main, Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Alfonse.
Her curiosity and love for the circus arts have led her to develop and improve several disciplines over the years (aerial hoop, pole, hand to hand and aerial frame).
As a multidisciplinary artist, she also has a strong interest in music and theater.

She will present an act created after the pandemic that evolves around the themes of freedom and lightness.




Adeline and Jr Maddripp are an amazing duo like we have never seen on the stage of Le Monastère! Indeed, they both dance krump, an urban dance from the Afro-American communities of Los Angeles.
Him, he was born in France, but he has been living in Quebec for many years. The Montreal krump scene considers him a master since his participation in the show Revolution.
Her, she is only 8 years old but she dances krump with maturity and with a surprising amount of soul. She was spotted with the movie Stay Still where she practices this dance.

Jr Maddripp decided to be her mentor to help her evolve in this field. Their duo recently performed in France at the Avignon Festival with their show “Silent Legacy” by choreographer Maud Le Pladec.
Their act tonight, “Meet krump”, is the story of Adeline who meets krump through Jr Maddripp. He realizes that she already has the essence in her and then passes on to her the basics and the movements of this dance of which he is a master.





Elena Lev, born in Moscow, Russia, began her training to become a rhythmic gymnast at the age of 5, assisted and coached by her mother, Elena Lev Sr. She developed a signature hula hoop act incorporating gymnastics and contortion.

Her big breakthrough came when she was invited, at the age of 12, to join one of the iconic touring shows “Alegria” of Cirque du Soleil. She has been a performer ever since for 27 years at Cirque du Soleil, performed on 6 different shows, and many other companies and special events around the world.
She is also the author of the book “My Life Through HOOps…A Full Circle”. The autobiography of a little girl with big dreams, a big will and wishes, who never gave up despite lots of life challenges and obstacles.

We dare you to count the number of hula hoops she can spin around her at the same time!




Célien grew up in a small town north of Paris. From an early age, he benefited from a varied artistic education: he began learning the violin with his mother, a professional violinist, and dance at the age of 4. Only a few years later, Célien decided to open his horizons towards the circus arts. He discovered a versatile world in which he still flourishes today.

In 2015, he joined l’École nationale de cirque de Montréal. Specialized in swinging trapeze, aerial silk and aerial rope. He asserts himself in these disciplines with an original technical vocabulary and a virtuosity that he never stops looking for and developing. A few months after his graduation in 2019, he won the gold medal at the 41st Festival Mondial de Cirque de Demain with his synchronized trapeze act in duet with Nicolas Allard.

Seeking to stimulate his creativity, Célien likes to take up challenges, such as interpreting extravagant characters with a strong character; being completely stripped of all artifice or bringing his skills as a violinist to the circus stage. 

On a rock music of the 80’s from the band Mötley Crüe, he will propose us a rhythmic and delirious act of aerial rope.




Anna is a multidisciplinary circus artist specializing in cane balancing, bungee, Chinese pole and hand to hand.
Although her training is in accro sport, in 2002 she auditioned for Cirque du Soleil and was accepted to be part of their new production “Varekai”.

Since 2002, Anna has worked with Cirque du Soleil in many of their touring shows for 15 years.
In 2016, she started working as an independent artist and since then, she has worked with many entertainment companies mainly with her balancing act but also a few with her bungee act.
She has a lot of experience performing on a big stage and loves to tell her story through her art to the general public.

She will be presenting her cane balancing act on Le Monastère’s stage, with which she would like to give each spectator the opportunity to interpret this act from their own point of view in reflection of their own reality.




Enrique was born and raised in Argentina. Since his early age, he has been interested in magic, music and basketball. At the age of 12 he discovered that juggling was the perfect combination of all his personal interests and started to take an interest in the circus.

While traveling in South America, he discovered that he wanted to dedicate himself to the circus and become professional. Accompanied by his clubs, he returned to Buenos Aires to train in dance and to continue his self-training. In 2020, he went to France to begin his professional training at the Esacto Lido school in Toulouse. He is still living there and is in his last year of school.

While in Montreal, he will present an act that is a dance of four: three seemingly dead objects and one fully alive juggler. In the search for a movement that is unique to club juggling, a character is born. A character that makes fun of itself by trying to find the extraordinary in the daily.




Maxime grew up in Victoriaville, Quebec and Caroline in Boston, Massachusetts.
Their respective journeys in the circus world began early, but it wasn’t until 2019 that their paths crossed.
This year, there was a casting call for a straps duet for a new project by Cirque du Soleil in Hangzhou, China. The role called for a caucasian male and asian female. Max was already involved in the project and Caroline was called to audition, having never done straps at the time. After auditioning in Montreal, she was luckily offered the position.

After performing together for a year, the pandemic separated them in 2020. When Max was finally able to return to China in 2021, they debuted their first show as Duo Mico on China’s Got Talent in November 2021, winning the coveted Golden Buzzer. Since then, they have competed their act at the Festival Internacional del Circ in Spain, winning the award of Budapest Varieté.

Their act is a representation of how Maxime and Caroline move together. An image speaks 1000 words, so they will try their best to show their relationship through movement. They try to break the mold in terms of intention and dynamic movement.





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