Next Circus Cabaret


What is it?

The Concept

Attend a series of original creations by the cream of local contemporary circus artists! Imagine a central scene, a bar, and tables close to the artists… live a unique experience led by a Master of Ceremony. For each production, discover a new selection of artists performing different acts.

Through our cabarets, we bring together different circus styles. We showcase strong acts, high in artistic and technical quality, and present innovative and original proposals.

We offer artists the freedom to present their acts as they have been created. Artists are encouraged to transport us into their own world, to share their unique talents and to give audiences a taste of all different flavours of performance.


Cabaret & Dinner show

The artists: Emcee and clown – Vanessa Kneale,  Cyr wheel – Andy Giroux, swinging trapeze and piano – Les Impressionnables, Pierre Heault and Julien LeBlanc, aerial straps – Marie Lebot, Hula Hoop – Stéphane Gentilini, juggling – Nathan Biggs-Penton, aerial silk – Leela Masuret, dance trapeze – Nicolas Allard, rotating pole duo – Les Poline, Nadine Louis et Catherine Girard, acrodance – Fernando Gonzalez, DJ – Peter W. Philips. Pre-show – Students of the École Nationale de Cirque de Montréal.
Credits: Caroline Thibault.

september 2021

Cabaret in Le Jardin

The artists : MC and acrobatic bike – Maxime Poulin aka Jerry Tremblay, straps – Tuedon Ariri, Cyr wheel – Bobby Cookson, dance trapeze – Veronica Herrera, aerial hoop – Evelyne Paquin-Lanthier, diabolo – Noah Nielsen, hairhanging – Louis-David Simoneau, Chinese pole duo – Santi & Augustin, aerial silk – Jasmine Gagné-Morin, DJ – Anthony DUrbano.
Credits : Caroline Thibault

august 2021

Pride Cabaret

The artists: MC – Matthew Richardson aka Jessica René,  Aerial chains – Guillaume Blais, Contortion – Nadine Louis, Aerial rope – Sandy Tugwood, Hula Hoop – Méliejade Tremblay-Bouchard, Duo trapeze – Maxime et Corentin, Cyr wheel – Matthew Richardson aka Jessica René, Rotating pole – Zed Cézard, Juggling – John Witte, Straps – Clara Laurent, DJ – Anthony D’Urbano.
Credits: J-F Savaria.

july 2021

Cabaret du Jugement Dernier

The artists : MC – Anthony Venisse, rotating pole – Ron Oppenheimer, Cyr wheel – Shena Tschofen, juggling – Nathan Biggs-Penton, aerial hoop – Giulia Scamarcia, unicycle – Émile Mathieu, handbalancing – Valérie Doucet, aerial hammock – Selene Ballesteros-Mingüer, contortion – Marjorie Nantel, russian cradle – Voladora, Guillaume Biron – DJ.
Credits : Caroline Thibault

MARCH 2021

Cabaret at Centre St Jax

The artists: Tim Tyler et Joe de Paul – MC, Maude Arseneault – Rotating pole, Chita Project (Anna Kichtchenko et Pablo Pramparo) – Acrobatic dance, Marie-Ève Dicaire – Handbalancing, Anna Kichtchenko et Maude Parent – Contortion duo, Robert Cookson – Cyr wheel, Agustin Rodriguez Beltran – Aerial straps, Sabrina Aganier – Aerial hoop,  Michel Michel – DJ.
Credits: Caroline Thibault.

MARCH 2020

Cabaret at Centre St Jax

The artists : MC – René Bazinet et Tim Tyler, chinese pole – Ron Oppenheimer, aerial prism – Arthur Morel Van Hyfte, hula-hoop – Kellin Quinn, aerial hoop – Annie L’Archevêque-Smith, contemporary dance – Kyra Jean Green, rope duo and handbalancing
Marie-Ève Dicaire et Geneviève Drolet, swinging trapewe – Nicolas Allard, contortion – Giulia Scamarcia, Guillaume Biron – DJ. Photos : Yagub Allahverdiyev


Cabaret at Centre St Jax

The artsists : Philippe Thibaudeau et Becky Priebe – Les Charmants – MC, Natasha Patterson – Juggling, Benjamin Courtenay – Aerial Straps, Maxim Laurin et Ugo Dario – Teeter Board, Louana Seclet – Foot Juggling and Washington Trapeze, Francis Gadbois – Juggling, Natasha Patterson et Jérémi Lévesque – Acrobatic Dance, Ruben Ingwersen – Unicycle, Sarah Sporich – Aerial Hoop, Michel Michel – DJ Michel Michel.
Photos : Caroline Thibault.


Cabaret at St Jax Montreal

Artists : MC – Antonin Wicky & Jérémy Vitupier, Handbalancing – Nadine Louis, Aerial silk Loop – Anna Kichtchenko, Acrobatic Dance – Anna Kichtchenko & Pablo Omar Pramparo, Juggling  – Pablo Omar Pramparo, Hand to Hand – Julius et César, Cyr Wheel – Miho Inaba, Rope – Lauren Joy Herley, Swinging Trapeze – Célien Pinon, Perch Duo – Maude Arseneault et Raphaël Dubé, Guillaume Biron – DJ. Photos : Yagub Allahverdiyev

JULY 2019

Cabaret at St Jax Montreal

Artists : Emile Carey et Marie-Claude Chamberland – MC, Alexis Vigneault – Acrobatic light and Cyr Wheel, Laurence Racine – Bungee, Will Underwood – Chinese Pole, Danila Bim – Hair hanging and aerial hoop, Nick Beyeler –Aerial plastic tube, Nicolas Jelmoni et Charlotte O’Sullivan – Hand to hand, Jimmy Gonzalez Palacios – Juggling (July 11th), Sam Hollis – Juggling (July 12th), Guillaume Biron – DJ Michel Michel. Credits : Yagub Allahverdiyev

APRIL 2019

Cabaret at St Jax Montreal

Artists : Throw 2 Catch (Barthelemy Glumineau, Gisle Henriet et Jeremie Robert) – MCs, Nadine Louis – Aerial silk, Antoine Carabinier-Lépine et Jean-Philippe Cuerrier – Perch, Annie-Kim Déry – Aerial hoop, Suzie Qu – Trapeze dance, Angela Kim – Flying pole, Annie-Kim Déry et Jean-Philippe Cuerrier – Skating duo, Shena Tschofen – Cyr Wheel, Julie Choquette – Contortion, Guillaume Biron – DJ. Photos : Yagub Allahverdiyev


Cabaret at St Jax Montreal

Artists : Joe de Paul et Tim Tyler – MCs, Guillaume Paquin et Nicole Faubert – Straps duo, Guillaume Paquin – V Rope, Matthew Richardson – Cyr Wheel, Duo Evelyne & Shannon – Trapeze duo, Shannon Gélinas – Aerial silk, Geneviève Drolet – handbalance, David Ayotte – Chinese pole, Francis Gadbois – Artistic bike, Mélodie Lamoureux – Hula-hoop, Band – Give, DJ – Guillaume Biron.

1st of NOVEMBER 2018

Cabaret in Montreal

Artists : Master of Ceremony – Joe de Paul, pianist – Nick Carpenter, aerial silk – Mizuki Shinagawa, hoopskate – Vincent Jutras, aerial hoop and contortion – Éliza Gélinas Lance, German Wheel – Olivier Sylvestre, diabolo – Noah Nielsen, pole – Catherine Girard, dance trapeze – Arthur Morel Van Hyfte , chairs handbalancing – Vladislav Zolotarev.

12th JUly 2018

Cabaret OFF Montréal Complètement Cirque

Artists : Philippe Thibaudeau – master of ceremony, Angelica Bongiovonni – Cyr wheel, Joseph Pinzon – aerial silk, Emily Tucker – dance trapeze, Guillaume Paquin – straps and contortion, Eric Bates – juggling, Anna Ostapenko – handbalancing, Tristan Nielsen et Eve Bigel – hand to hand, Angela Mcilroy Wagar – aerial hoop.

JUne 2018

Cabarets in Beauce

Artists : Philippe Thibaudeau – master of ceremony, Duo Guillaume et Marie – trapeze duo, Alexis Vigneault – Cyr wheel and aerial lamp, Mason Ames & Valérie Benoît – hand to hand, William Jutras – hula-hoop, Jimmy Gonzalez Palacio – clay jugging, Laurence Racine – aerial silk and bungee, Angela Mcilroy Wagar – contortion.
Credits : Annie Gagné

24th MAy 2018

Cabaret in Montreal

Artists : Joe de Paul & Tim Tyler – masters of ceremony, Duo Guillaume et Marie – trapeze duo, Valérie Doucet – handbalancing, Marjorie Nantel – aerial silk and contortion , William Jutras – hula-hoop, Jimmy Gonzalez Palacio – clay juggling, Benjamin Courtenay – straps, Laurence Racine – bungee, Francis Gadbois – artistic bike

august 2017

Cabarets in Beauce

Artists : Philippe Thibaudeau – Master of ceremony, Annie-Kim Déry – aerial hoop, Duo Guillaume et Marie – trapeze duo, Evelyne Laforest – handbalancing and duo hula-hoop, Lauren Joy – aerial rope and contortion, Myriam Deraiche – hand to hand and contortion, Samuel Charlton – hand to hand, Stéphane Gentiliny – duo hula-hoop


Cabaret OFF Montréal Complètement Cirque

Les artistes présents : Joe De Paul – maître de cérémonie, Andy Giroux – roue Cyr, Camille Tremblay – Équilibre coupe de champagne, Danièle Béchard – hula-hoop, John Witte – jonglerie, Julius et César – main à main, Jonathan Fortin – sangles aériennes, Myriam Deraiche – contorsion, Thula Moon Martin – cerceau aérien