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Circus cabaret

Follow the spotlights and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of a circus cabaret at the Monastère! Set beneath the century-old vaulted ceiling of a church with shimmering stained-glass windows, prepare to be dazzled.

In a warm, intimate setting, a dozen performers will bare their soul and perform acts they’ve created themselves, from start to finish. Thanks to our immersive 360-degree stage layout, you’ll experience a whole range of emotions, giving you the feeling of a privileged tête-à-tête with the artists.

Our Master of Ceremonies will be your host in this heritage venue in the heart of downtown. A little shy, a lot eccentric, passionately crazy, but never boring!



Accustomed to shows and the circus from an early age, Jérémy has always wanted to take part in the adventure. This became a reality when he met a troupe of street clowns who took him under their wings.

After graduating from the École nationale de cirque of Montréal in 2015, he went on to take part in several productions with Cirque Éloize until 2022. Jérémy has also won several awards with his clown partner Antonin Wicky and their duo « Les Expirés ». They take part in international circus festivals, including the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, where they win the bronze medal, and the Youngstage festival, where they win the bronze star.

In addition to performing, he has also directed several circus shows, including his solo show. In 2021, he co-founded Marguerite à bicyclette, a company dedicated to producing and presenting eco-responsible shows.



After training in contemporary dance at Cégep and Université du Québec, Shannon Gélinas was drawn to the National Circus School of Montreal by her love of risk-taking and movement. In 2012, she completed the advanced training program in aerial tissue and duo trapeze.

Since then, she has traveled to five continents to take part in a host of shows and festivals. She takes part in various projects with Cirque Éloize and Cirque du Soleil, joins a tour of Germany with the GOP Varitété company and takes part in a host of other productions. Over the years, she has racked up awards and honors, including the Cirque Éloize Prize at the Solyciro Festival and the Golden Star Award.

In 2018, she took part in the creation of the Cirque du Soleil show BAZZAR, with which she will tour the world until 2020. She is the 1st artist to present an aerial act on the Monastère stage, in 2019.



American by birth, Aaron began juggling at the age of ten, learning from such greats as Fritz Grobe, Michael Miclon, Morty Hansen and Steven Ragatz. In 2011, he entered l’École de Cirque de Québec to study circus disciplines in greater depth.

It was there that he met his work partner and friend Colin, with whom he developed a new discipline: hand-to-hand. Since 2015, Aaron has been traveling the world, notably on tour with Cirque Eloize. More recently, he has worked with companies such as Flip Fabrique, Theater A Tempo, GOP Varieté Theater, Hideaway Circus and many others.

Now a Quebec resident, he’s developing new projects that keep him throwing and catching objects… and people!



"Nos 1000 visages"

Léa specializes in capillary suspension, aerial straps and contortion balancing. Her artistic life began with a love affair with the theater, followed by gymnastics and various world dances to satisfy her playful, creative spirit.

She brought her passions together in the circus, training through a program in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, before developing her practice in straps in Montreal. Léa began her career as an artist in Europe with the company Gratte Ciel, where she performed in shows 32 meters above the ground.

She will present « Nos 1000 visages », a capillotraction act inspired by Indian mythology, in which she embodies a warrior goddess, echoing her life as a traveling explorer over the past 7 years.



"La Gargouille" & "La gargouille et le jardinier "

Originally from the south of France, Colin took to the road at the age of 15 to train in the circus arts. He crossed the Atlantic to develop his practice at École de Cirque de Québec, in 2015.

Thereafter, he flourished on the floors of theaters and big tops across the globe. His aim is to leave a lasting impression on curious spectators. What’s his favorite part? Being able to interact with the crowd without having to say a word!

This is the first time we’ve welcomed this discipline to the Monastère, so prepare to be surprised. In his two acts, you’ll discover a comic and poetic universe where a mischievous gargoyle comes to life, much to the dismay of the master of the house…



As a child, she was fascinated by the trapeze artists she saw flying in Cirque du Soleil shows, and dreamed of being on stage. Later, still fascinated by aerial disciplines, she took the plunge and began training through private lessons and workshops.

She began her career in 2009. She first performed on the fixed trapeze, then on tissu and bungee-trapèze. In 2012, while searching for a more marginal apparatus, she discovered aerial chains and fell in love! This became her main playground, and she made it her specialty.

Since then, she has travelled the world, taking part in a wide range of projects and events. She has worked for companies such as Cirque du Soleil, GOP Varieté-theater, Cirque Éloize and many others.



"Sentiments qui songent"

With a mother who was a costume designer in the circus world and a father who was an actor, comedian and director for theater and television, Frédéric fell in love with the stage.

After studying at the École nationale de cirque de Montréal, he traveled the world working with various circus companies, including Cirque du Soleil, Les 7 doigts de la main, Cirque Monti and Cirque Éloize. Patient and determined, Frédéric has a great thirst for creating and surpassing himself. He never stops learning: from diabolo to hand-to-hand, from banquine to planche sautoir, he’s interested in everything!

The last three years have been productive, with the creation of Marguerite à Bicyclette, a company he co-created with Pauline Baud and Jérémy Vitupier, focusing on eco-design, bicycle travel and the democratization of the performing arts.



Maya fell in love with the circus at the age of 14, when she joined a troupe of young artists called the St. Louis Arches. Since then, she has never stopped practicing.

After high school, she took further training at Circadium, a contemporary circus school, before working as a trainer, stage manager and performer in the circus world. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, she has a background in traditional circus and specializes in hula hoop.

She is passionate about creating live shows, enjoys playing with aspects of improvisation on stage and is always enthusiastic about meeting new audiences.



Alexandra was born in France and grew up in Montreal. Attracted to the circus since childhood, she trained at the École de Cirque de Québec.

She became familiar with the disciplines of silk, Chinese pole and handstand. After broadening her horizons, she specializes in contortion, which instills calm, concentration and the ultimate connection with her body.

She then developed her skills through private lessons with Sergei Volodin, the emblematic figure in her career. Other trainers who crossed her path include the Contrition Sisters, Oyuna Senge and Aruna Bataa, who taught her a great deal about Mongolian circus techniques.

Since then, she has traveled the world on cruise ships, performing in circus festivals and shows, and has honored us with her return to Le Monastère.



With a memorable performance at Rockfest, a Canadian tour behind him and after being the closing act at the FAR 2023 Festival, Olipage is Montreal’s looping machine often described as the « augmented reality » version.

His songs and performances are a meeting point between folk, rap, comedy and sleep deprivation. Heavily influenced by Muse, James Blake and Marc Rebillet, Olipage aims to inspire anyone who feels « out of step » and aspires to greater things than they’re meant to.

The artist is now releasing new French-language songs such as his latest comedy single « Ananas », which continues to receive airplay on radio stations such as CKOI across the province of Quebec.


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