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Pride circus cabaret

As night falls, get caught up in the excitement of summer and experience the Pride circus cabaret!

We’ve given carte blanche to a dozen artists from the 2SLGBTQI+ community in Montreal and Quebec to express their genius, with no limits. Sexy, breathtaking and… a little bit offbeat, you’ll have stars in your eyes!

When the bells ring, enter into communion with the circus arts for an evening rich in sensations.

For mature audiences only.



Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Tyler quickly developed a hobby of dressing up as Disney characters such as Pinocchio and Ariel. He had an epiphany when he attended his first Cirque du Soleil show.

He became obsessed with this fascinating world, and taught himself clowning, miming, and juggling. He would draw inspiration from YouTube videos and reproduce them in front of his mirror.

Now, he creates his own material and has performed around the world, including cabarets and international circuses. He has traveled performing in shows such as Circus Flic Flac, La Clique Miss Behave’s Mavericks and many others.

As he likes to describe himself as « half the size but twice the fun »! His imaginative sense of humor will make you fall in love with the circus.



Aisling is an Irish aerialist born and raised by a conglomerate of companies and coaches. Specializing in hoop, she began acrobatics at the Aerial Dance Festival.

Her unique career path stems from the absence of full-time courses and coaches in Ireland some ten years ago. Strength in numbers, she surrounded herself with friends to learn on her own, with a DVD and occasional workshops organized by visiting acrobats.

Captivated by flight and movement, she specializes in hooping, but also straps, double trapeze and hand-to-hand acrobatics. Performing with companies and at events all over the world, she has been to Montreal on several occasions.

It was there that she developed her skills with renowned acrobats and performed for the first time on Le Monastère stage. 



Initially drawn to theater, Jean-Philippe joined l’École de Cirque de Québec to create a captivating experience for his audiences. He has always known that the circus world was where he is meant to be.

Since his stage debut at the age of twelve, he has continued to perfect his art by exploring various forms of circus expression, ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Over the years, he has performed in many different contexts, from cruise ships to street shows.

Whatever the event, he’s always eager to be on stage and share his passion for a unique and entertaining performance. 



"Tout est sous contrôle"

For as long as she can remember, Niń has always sought to create with her own hands and be on stage. When she was 15, she attended a circus show and discovered a whole new world. This was a radical 360° change in her path, for at that time she believed that she was destined for a career as a heart surgeon.

For her last two years of high school, she enrolled in a gym, a dance school, and a drama school, training in each field 20 hours a week, while also attending school. After graduating from high school in 2016, she studied at the École Nationale Préparatoire de Cirque in Paris for 2 years, then at the FLIC – Scuola di Circo in Turin, and then the École Nationale de Cirque de Montréal.

After 12 years at the Conservatoire de Musique, 8 years in a variety of sports, and courses in theater, dance, and painting, she now sees the circus as a place where everything is possible. For her, it’s a place where her body can be in motion, and where her voice and ideas come to life in a three-dimensional space.



"The people"

Zed is a multi-talented artist with a fluctuating, atypical, and non-binary identity. Always curious, Zed trained in ballet, jazz, tap, capoeira and jiu-jitsu.

More than anything else, they adore the theater, which they have practiced from the age of 7 up until they discovered the circus, by chance, at the age of 24. It was then that they threw their body and soul into this passion, which they saw as a way of sharing emotions with the public.

This self-taught circus career has taken Zed all over the world, where they have won awards such as the 41st Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in 2020.

Zed also holds a doctorate in art sciences, and is a coach, lecturer and author.



A native Californian, Megan is an aerial rope and fabric artist, performer and interpreter.

She has practiced her love of the stage since 2012, performing in shows on the West Coast, as well as in Montreal, where she now resides.

She graduated from the École nationale de cirque de Montréal in 2020. Through her acts, she aims to develop an intimate bond with the audience – both authentic and raw.

Her work is guided by the energetic fluctuations that arise from her body. For her, the movement that comes to life on the silks is an extension of her, arising from a sensual awareness of repetition, fatigue and ambiguity. 



"Versailles 54"

Born in Uruguay, Joaquin studied industrial design for 4 years at UDELAR University before continuing his studies at the National Circus School of Montreal.

During his studies, he solidified and honed his passion for dance, circus, acrobatics as well as the various productions in this field. Joaquin finds himself at the crossroads between the visual and the moving.

« Versaille 54 », the number he will present, revolves around the experience of a queer, pompous character who finds himself at a boisterous, and absolutely absurd royal ball. Linking the queerness of the renaissance with the queer night scene of today, the number fuses the two worlds together, resulting in a euphoric experience.



"My moon"

David Menes is a multidisciplinary artist whose work ranges from small cultural projects and street performances to critically acclaimed theater, opera and circus productions. In 2009, he graduated as a juggler and clown from the École Nationale de Cirque. That same year, he joined Compagnie Finzi Pasca, an acrobatic theater company with a strong international reputation.

When not on tour, he writes and directs for the Montreal-based Cirque H collective, collaborates as director and creator with other companies, and performs at private events. Juggling, touring and traveling are his passions, and when on stage, he feels like he is doing exactly what he was born to do.

Here, he will present two numbers, including « My moon » on the cyr wheel, a simple act in which he floats on the moon, out of gravity and at full speed, free and without judgment.



Cooper discovered the circus at an early age, through watching Cirque du Soleil’s « La Nouba ». It was then that he discovered his calling.

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, he began studying his art by dancing throughout his childhood.

As a teenager, he auditioned for the National Circus School, where he studied contortion, hand balancing and aerial straps.

This up-and-coming artist will be sharing his act at Le Monastère for the first time.



mCherry has always been a master of being on aux, so a move behind the decks was the next logical step!

An Argentine DJ and producer based in Montreal, his sound lies at the intersection of cumbia and techno, with forays into samba, baile funk and house.

So get ready for sets mixing heavy doses of euphoria and nostalgia, as well as experiencing samples of Argentine nightlife in Canada’s northern latitudes.

Since 2020, he’s also been DJing at the Montreal Kiki Ballroom as part of the house of KFC, and organizing Pikete, a monthly queer night dedicated to Latin rhythms.

He’ll be on the decks at the Monastère on August 3 and 4.



Edie has been involved in sport and dance since childhood, and these explorations have exposed him to music and the way it interacts with bodies.

He started wanting to be a DJ in 2021.

As a dancer and stripper, he enjoys seeing how music can bring sensuality and dynamic energy to a defined space. It can also take us on unexpected journeys, evoking unexpected emotions.

Under the name “Meiiyun”, the multi-disciplinary artist draws on his experiences in dance and visual art for his musical selections.

He is interested in the links between music and the consciousness of the mind in order to create an experience for listeners and introduce them to unique music.

He will take over the decks at the Monastère on August 10, 11 and 12.



Aracely was born in Montreal, Canada, of immigrant parents.

She trained as a self-taught performer before finding her true calling in the world of nightlife, with several strings to her bow. She is currently a performer, model and DJ.

She will be taking the decks at the Monastère on August 5, 17, 18 and 19.


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