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Picnic at the Circus!

August 31st 2021

What a pleasure to welcome you in Le Jardin, animated and dressed by Le Monastère and XP_MTL
at the Centre St Jax
to celebrate together the summer!
Le Monastère thanks you for your trust and fervor, and above all, HAVE A GOOD SHOW!

The bar service is open.

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Evelyne has been immersed in the world of circus for 15 years now. She trained at the National Circus School of Montréal where she discovered that this art allows her limitless self-expression.

She took part in several touring shows and special events with various renowned companies, including BAZZAR by Cirque du Soleil. She has performed a duo trapeze act for several prestigious festivals, where her number has received much acclaim. Evelyne is currently in creation with the company Flip Fabrique.

Evelyne will perform an aerial hoop act created especially for Le Monastère. This creation combines the circus with a meditation on the cycle of life and the traces that we leave behind us. It’s like the whirlwind of emotions and thoughts that come with the loss of a loved one.

AERIAL HOOP at 6:30 pm


Vanessa Kneale is a clown, physical actress, and dancer with 15 years of experience performing and creating shows, acts, and street entertainment for audiences of all ages in Montreal, internationally and in remote communities.

The carnival takes over on stage, as this feather-flying samba dancer desperately tries to stick to the beat.

CLOWN at 7:00 pm


It was the loneliness of the pandemic that prompted Louis-David to learn a whole new discipline. He could no longer practice the trapeze like he used to. So why not hang by his hair on the balcony?! He started slowly at first, but without much success. He had to fully immerse himself in the world of hair hanging to begin to see progress. The pain is constant. It acts as a guide in choosing one movement or position over another. You have to welcome it in order to control it.

Recently, he was invited by Matthew Richardson (X-CIRCUS livestream) to present the fruit of his work. He came up with the idea for him to perform with colour pigments. He took the idea and made it his own. This is how Lonely was born.

HAIR HANGING at 7:30 pm


Anthony D’Urbano, communitarian, dj and event planner. Anthony is the founder of MONTREAL online community FrontRite and a natural born entertainer. He is known to seamlessly curate music and crowds to create magical experiences for all to enjoy.


Le Monastère's Team

Maude Girard

Stage manager

Guillaume blais


Rosalie Beauchamp


Manon fath

Marketing & Communications Director

Annie-Kim déry

Casting Director and Coordinator

Alizé honen-delmar

Partnerships Coordinator

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